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Magic Eden kicksoff creator monetization hackathon

What's next for NFT project creators

  1. NFT marketplaces transition to 0% creator royalties impacting buyers and sellers

  2. Hyperspace releases royalty enforced NFT collection named Hypersphere on It's launchpad

  3. Helius co-tweets workshop partnership with Magic Eden

DeGods Solana's largest brand announced the new 0% royalties strategy early-October. Shortly after the announcement, Magic Eden tweeted a thread on optional royalties. Ethereum NFT Marketplaces like OpenSea and Looksrare are now following the new standard.

Magic Eden were consistently delivering valuable features for users like "Pro-Trade" and "Research" but optional royalties were not appreciated by the community. The board members are focused on solving the issues at hand.

A competitor of Magic Eden; Hyperspace released "Hypersphere" collection on It's own launchpad in strategic Cardinal Labs partnership enforcing creator royalties, solving the royalty problem.

Since then Helius Labs co-tweeted hackathon launch date 11/18 with Magic Eden says "Helius will hold a workshop on how to parse NFT transactions on Solana & detect royalty payments" Magic Eden hosted live AMA displaying Heluis API introduction yesterday. Together, they offer developers the opportunity to build tools needed to monetize creator assets (NFTs) $1M is the winning prize.

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