10 year 10 Daos and principles of lifelong evolution

10 year 10 Daos and principles of lifelong evolution

十年跃迁式成长进化的 十大心法与原则

10 year 10 Daos and principles of lifelong evolution on personal growth Build by KongsenYoung


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1. 向最顶尖的人、事、物学习最顶尖的东西

#1. Learn the best from the best meta quests laws fundamental think important essential cognition psychology

2. 思考元问题,思考本质,思考规律,思考原则,思考底层方法,思考第一 性原理,思考你的思考

#2. Think Meta Questions, Think Essence, Think Rhythm, Think Principles, Think Bottom Lines, Think Fundamental theorem, Think about what and how you Think

actions regularly iteration lifelong happiness changes matter ten-year promise

3. 每日微行动,每周小步子,每月大进步,每年中迭代,十年进化跃迁

#3. Everyday act, weekly little steps, monthly big progress, yearly iteration, Ten-Year Transformation

feedbacks acceptance green-lights thinking models gratification thanks

4. 对来自外界的任何正负建设性反馈保持接纳与感谢,并以此形成持续迭代 自我的基础

#4. Keep open and accept whatever constructive feedback from inside & outside, take them as the fundamentals & what you can stay on iterating yourself

product service spirit truth wisdom last practice cognition actions law

5. 通过向外界他人提供真诚的帮助,产品或服务来修正自己对真实世界的客 观认知,并将助人与提供服务的精神和实践传承分享出去

#5. By providing genuine help, products, and services to others outside, we can modify our objective perception of the real world, and pass on the helping, serving spirit & practice to more people.

open mind critical thinking feedbacks suggestions effective oneness actions practice

6. 保持思维和头脑的开放,勇于接受他人的批判和反馈建议,并身体力行向 他人提供有效反馈

#6. Keep open-minded and open-loop thinking, bravely accept others' criticizingly suggestive feedback, and provide effective feedback to others as you know.

sciences research analysis structure logically decision principles executive

7. 逐渐形成科学的研究方法,花时间对必须完成的事物进行透彻的结构化分 析与逻辑拆解,并形成自己的决策原则

#7. Substantially form scientific research methods, spend enough time to analyze and split valuable things on the basis of structured approaches logically, and organize your own decision principles.

system biology math literature computer physics sociology management economics thinking models insights

8. 构建包含系统科学,生物学,计算机科学,大数据,物理学,数学,社会 学,管理学等在内的至少100个多元思维模型,形成自己的格栅理论与见解

#8. Building your own multi-dimensional thinking models which include the basics and laws from system science, biology, computer science, big data, physics, mathematics, sociology, and management… to construct at least 100 model thinking methods and your own grilling theories.

reading writing meditation exchanging information habits connections output share systematically models

9. 保持阅读,写作,冥想及与他人交流重要洞察和关键想法的习惯,并形成 规律的连接,产出与分享机制

#9. Keep the habit of reading, writing, meditating, and communicating essential insights and important ideas with others, and also build regularities on connection, output and share mechanism.

smart methods plans PDCA-loop technical skills trial errors happiness wealth fortune serendipity everything split procedures

10. 不断明确自己想要的究竟是什么,然后制定计划,学习技能,系统化拆 解,试错后优化,并最终获得想要的健康,幸福,财富和一切

#10. Continuously clear whatever you want exactly and specifically, then make strategies, learn new skills, systematically split them into redefined procedures, make trial and errors then revise your model and ultimately gain your health, happiness, fortune and everything.

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所有的原则都是我从2013年到现在有将近10年超过10000小时的各种 形式践行,公开分享,及各种思考迭代的成果和作品,我会持续向我的学 生,社群付费成员,我的朋友家人等传授心法和具体实践的技巧,也欢迎持 续关注我的更多内容。




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