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Elon Musk: Why I founder X.AI to compete with OpenAI?

Elon Musk's answer letter on X.AI




Someone asked Elon, why should you split your energy and money to build a wholly new Artificial General Intelligence corp X.AI?

I know that he is curious about what I know while he doesn't know. Just as what I did in the past 50 years, most of the rest people out of my brain don't understand me.

Alight, I have been accustomed to this kind of situation. So let me tell you what's the hell of what, why, and how I will reinvent AGI and revolutionize the atmosphere of startup education, engineering development, and management marketing.




I've always been exploring the secrets of the universe and outside of the Earth, especially about how human kinds can transcend the destiny of multi-planetary existence.

Through my entrepreneurship in SpaceX, Tesla, Paypal, Starlink, and Neuralink, I think the answer is more and more clear to all of the real innovators heading for the greater possible multiplier of human culture and civilization.

Many ignorant people indicate that Elon Musk is just a businessman, a CEO, or some occupation like that. Someones understand why I am so strongly convinced about the success of Tesla and SpaceX.





I am just an ordinary man. I'm not a genius according to the GPT4's explanation of the deliberate practice. Everyone is similar or the same creature in the level of human intelligence and physical strength.

What motivates you every morning when you wake up?

To me, it's about learning new things and applying them to practice in order to promote product design and operation development iteration.



We are engineers mastering the coding, designing, and creating of the best product and services. That's why Tesla is lowing its price within the effective market of the US. We are making clean energy more feasible, more renewable, and more accessible.

My dream is about energy, information, and material revolution throughout the journey of startup & engineering innovation. So I was, am, and will always be excited about the application of new technologies, research, and conceptions.



That's why, what, and how I build X.Holdings Corps. I want to create more organizations like SpaceX or X.COM to improve our experience living on Earth. 

It's very simple and easy to understand if you grasp the opportunity to make something bigger than yourself.


Make love or make it matters much.


Make a difference and think different.

Elon & Kongsen

2023.04.15 @Tesla

More about KongsenYoung:

Twitter @gyznio KongsenYoung

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