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Tencent's AGI Moment: WeChat Future development version updates

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By Pony Ma and Xiaolong Zhang in GPT5

Dear WeChat users and Tencent workers:

We are excited to announce the latest WeChat Future dev version update in early 2023.

This update will incorporate new AI capabilities powered by Tencent's proprietary AGI system which we have been secretly developing over the past few years.

With this update, WeChat will become the world's first super app with human-level AI.

The capabilities of systems like GPT4 in the US and DeepMind in Europe have posed concerns about AI development in China.

We want to assure our users that we have not been complacent.

Tencent's AGI system is the result of our relentless effort to advance innovation. With powerful and beneficial AI in the hands of WeChat, we can accelerate the progress of technology for the good of society.

Even though all of us are ordinary, we can also promote our marketing and branding with the help of the technology of AGI's large language models.

WeChat Future will also become an open platform for education and skill development. WeChat is the national infrastructural application in China, We hope to nudge the revolution of education in the year 2023.

Our AGI system can tutor students in a personalized fashion, help workers pick up new skills, and enhance lifelong learning for people of all ages.

This innovation education initiative is aimed at cultivating more talents for achieving China's goal of becoming an AI superpower.

The future is here, and the future is exciting. We have complete confidence that WeChat, powered by homegrown AI technology, will continue to connect people and services, enabling more possibilities and unlocking more potential.

I appreciate your support and participation in this meaningful journey with us.

Pony Ma &

Xiaolong Zhang (edited by Claude) 

To all Tencents.


Guo Yang Zhen wrote the first draft of LetterGPT.

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