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Encouragement is rare

personal experience and some past recommendations. Thanks.

Encouragement is rare, only when you pray or beg for it, it comes.

Years ago, I was applying for the management trainee project at a famous company named Dedao in China. Then I opened WeChat to get some encouragement to help me send the cover letter and my CV.

I got it, but there are some other stories to tell.

Kongsen Young at Peking University's WeiMing Lake

It was 3 years ago. I was awful. I was scared and afraid of being declined.

I was not refused to apply by that time.

Because I myself was and am the biggest difficulty on the road to achieving something.

And I wrote a long letter including more than 10000 words (Chinese characters) with a mindmap (you can view it on the Douban community if interested) and my own terrible CV.

A hiring working woman called me and made a telephone interview, asking me about what I have achieved in my past 18 years including my university scores, course productions, and the challenges I tackled.

I answered her with a nervously emotionally butterflying stomach and without nearly any logic, preparations, and reliable accent or tune.

So, the outcome is: I was declined.

I lost the opportunity of being interviewed on-site (in Beijing).

Actually, on that day in 2019 winter, I was in Beijing to deal with my relationship with an undergraduate girl from Peking University.

While I had no chance to be interviewed at Dedao.

Dedao App, I used it for nearly 7 years, bought more than 20 quality courses, and more than 3 years of paid membership of both Ebook reading and Ebooks listening.

While I had no chance to get into Dedao's office site.

It was heartbreaking for me, at least for the immature KongsenYoung in 2019.

Some old stories are hidden from me. Actually, I got some recommendations from some friends, teachers, classmates, and Dedao users. I still save and cherish them until today.

You can view the good-designed slides I made by myself as the attachment of the Cover Letter to apply for that 3-month internship.

Recommendation from Prof. Dai Wei

Professor Dai Wei said Kongsen Young aka Guo Yang Zhen has the ability to critically thinking and has good reading habits. He thought I was better than teenagers of the same or similar ages.

Recommendation from Mrs. Connie

Mrs. Connie was the book author of 《How to Network with people more excellent》, I met her at the book-sharing activity in 2019. When I finished listening and questioning at the sharing party, I wrote what I learned from Connie and her book, and emailed the blog link to her.

She thought I was good at learning and thinking, proactively seeking knowledge. With nearly one glance at me and my articles and ways of communication, She would like to recommend Kongsen to apply for the internship in Content Management.

Recommendation from Prof. Jin Tao

I was a management consultant intern at HtWise Consulting Group. Inc. Prof. Jin was the CEO and my boss when I work with him and other management consultants. He thought I left an impressive good feeling working there. He observed that Kongsen is honestly sincere with colleagues, hard-working, and diligently good at research and learning.

He also expressed his thanks to me for my work at HtWise. Actually, I am also very grateful for my very first internship as an assistant there to learn about management consulting and how to work collaboratively with others.

Recommendation from Mr. Eric

When I worked remotely with Eric, he impressed me as the Founder of Top Career, a career consulting and education company. He was also an ex-McKinsey, great at encouraging and strategy planning at many kinds of work. I also thank his praise and mentorship of me when we collaborate with each other remotely.

He thought I have a strong self-driven ability, spontaneously learning, practicing, summarizing, outputting, and synergistically internalizing knowledge. He can also observe my expectation and pride in learning to be a liberal-art talent and making progress every day.

Recommendation from Mr. Jason

Jason was another collaboration leader when I worked remotely at Top Career. He gave more specific reasons why I have the potential to be better: Quick learning ability to research and collect info; Careful responsibility of delivering works beyond expectation; Working with logical thinking and the pyramid principles. Thanks to his concrete and convincing recommendation and encouragement.

Recommendation from Mrs. Zhang Rong Mei

I met Mrs. Zhang at her book reading sharing activity online. Then we have further communication on how to help more students and white-collars to cultivate reading habits. She knew me about my curiosity, genuine style of social networking, and proactive sharing practice. She praised me for my exploration, thinking, and sharing of innovation, secrets of the universe, and writing. Thanks to Zhang's encouragement.

Recommendation from Mrs. Xu

I met Mrs. Xu via Dedao App and my own blog writing experience. I was impressed by her great thinking and expression through mind mapping and visualization of knowledge and her own life. And now I use mind mapping tools more with her influence and sharing on the Internet.

In her impression, Kongsen has diverse interests, curious about different knowledge fields and the whole universe. She thought I have constantly improved my learning competence through deliberate practice in thinking, writing, and reading. Thanks to her expectation and encouragement on my future development possibilities.

Recommendation from Mrs. Lemon

My same-school fellow sister student at Sun Yat-Sen University —— Mrs. Lemon said I was nearly the most self-motivated and eager-to-learn alumni among her WeChat friends. She could see clearly that I am trying to explore and research self-growth, self-management, self-education, and deep-thinking content.

She thought that I owned strong summarizing and reflection abilities to provide methodologies for others to learn and use for reference. She complimented Kongsen as an interesting sharer and customer-oriented content creator with good characteristics and extroverted charisma, constantly seizing what shines in daily life. Thanks to her highly speaking of Kongsen.

Recommendation from Mr. Zhang Qing Zhuo

Zhang Qing Zhuo had an impression of Kongsen's being a very optimistically enthusiastic and proactive person. When he knew more about me, He reckoned that I am thought-provoking and distinctive from the usual teenagers. We had further communication about how to make a breakthrough as ordinary people from the starting point and left each other refreshingly feeling. Thanks to being seen by the contemporary youth.

Recommendation from Ms. Athena Yan

Athena and I had the chance to know each other based on the same interest in writing and sharing our life experiences on the Internet. We met in 2017 and I learned a lot from her moments, life attitudes, and full-of-positive-energy content. She is also fond of reading, thinking, and lifelong learning among diverse fields of the universe. Both of us and more content creators in China keep the curiosity of knowing and researching more about the world, outputting what we found. Thanks to Athena's encouragement of Kongsen.

Recommendation from Ms. Joyna Lin

Joyna Lin is another fellow sister student of Sun Yat-Sen University and also accepted my recommendation request. She could also find that I am keen to learn with a self-motivated drive and share useful knowledge with others.

Recommendation from Ms. Gao Xu

Gao Xu is another excellent fellow sister student of Sun Yat-Sen University. She also thought that Kongsen is a person persisting in lifelong growth and practices daily learning constantly with great executive and learning ability as well as good writing fundamentals.

Recommendation from Mr. Sam Wen

Sam is among my best friends and alumnus when we read for our engineering degree at Sun Yat-Sen University. He taught me a lot about how to be interviewed, getting along with business administration staff, traveling with poor money around the southeastern countries, and so on. He thinks Kongsen has abundant social media operation experience, the ability to constantly update content, and the competence in writing with appealing attractivity.

He also praises me for my great learning capability, vision, and motivation for lifelong growth with more mates, as well as my practice and hopes to collectively make progress with more friends.

Thanks to Sam's prompts and reminder of my personal strength and values.

As I say, encouragement is rare so when we receive some encouragement from others we should at least keep the statement of being grateful for them.

I always do that and try to pay it forward to more friends.

I've written a Chinese article about why we should give more encouragement to others in 2018 and received much positive feedback from readers and my friends.

That's why I still keep the habit of giving more encouragement to others today.

Encouraging others is nearly the best way of encouraging yourself indirectly.

So could you give me some encouragement or feedback on my writing and growth?

Thanks to the rare encouragement.

Best wishes,



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