HAM🍖 Chronicles #4

A weekend of updates...

Welcome to the fourth edition of HAM🍖 Chronicles!

A daily newsletter that covers the growing HAM ecosystem on Farcaster, where I track and investigate the most exciting and crazy Ham-centric stuff. Today's issue is a run down of updates from the HAM team and community over the weekend.

Brace yourself Ham lovers, It’s promises to be a wild ride 🎢

Over the weekend, the HAM team shipped a number of cool and exciting updates, there were also active contributions from the community. We'll delve into each update one after the other.

1. Liquidity Mining Rewards

Let's begin from the most interesting update. The next round of rewards for the Uniswap liquidity mining program is out! Users that have been participating in mining $TN100x through the liquidity mining program can now claim their rewards.

If you are eligible, claim here: https://based.thelp.xyz/liquidity-mining

2. HAM Developers Update

The HAM ecosystem keeps growing. In a new update, developers are welcome to build cool HAM related projects. So, if you're a developer and want to build something related to HAM, the team has listed its open endpoints that can be used to retrieve data.

To get started, visit: https://ham.fun/developers

3. "Floaties Leaderboard" Frame:

Over the weekend, @rezaisgoat shipped a "Floaties Leaderboard" Frame that tracks the highest numbers of Floaties received or earned for the different tokens supported. Check out the Frame here

4. New HAM stats Frame:

New frame to check your Ham stats by @nikolaiii dropped. A fun and easy way to track your allocation. You can out your stats via the Frame here.

5. /ham Channel for Announcement

@deployer announced that the /ham channel on Warpcast would be used as an alternative for official HAM announcements. The channel does not accommodate community members posts, just the official announcements from the HAM team would be displayed there.

That’s it for today. Thank you for reading today's edition of HAM🍖 Chronicles Newsletter. I hope you found my insights helpful and informative.

See you tomorrow!

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