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Hangry Animals: Level 1 Alpha Game Development Update

In-depth update on the development progress of Hangry Animals, including exciting new gameplay features and charity involvement.


We're excited to share our recent expansion of the Hangry Animals game - a progress update from the heart of Level 1 alpha development. Delighted with the feedback from our initial design, we've broadened its scope to give players a more comprehensive feel for the game.

Level 1 Compressed Level Block out

Expanded Level Demo

The Level 1 demo has undergone significant changes with an aim to spread out the unique features of the level. The intent is to provide a rich and immersive gaming experience that represents the breadth and depth of the Hangry Animals universe.

Point System Breakdown

We have implemented a complex point system into the game. Players can collect food throughout each level to keep their animal characters energized while collecting Tarbal token crystals from defeated enemies to power up weapons and advanced tech. On top of this, your character's remaining health points at the end of each level are also counted.

All these elements - amount of food collected, number of tokens, and remaining health - contribute to a player's overall score which they can see at the end of each level.

Plasma Powered Boots

Breakable game items

In our quest to make the gameplay more engaging, we've added a new feature - breakable game items. These are scattered randomly across the level and include various objects like crates, barrels, and vases, which when broken may reveal hidden goodies such as food items or Tarbal tokens. Additionally, some of these breakable items might contain secret paths or tools that can give players an edge against enemies. This element adds an extra layer of strategy to the game, as players will need to decide when it's worth it to take the time to break open these items or when it’s better to continue on with the main mission. This offsets the balance of metadata that exists for the main player avatar via it's NFT traits and collected items attached to the proposed ERC6551 wrapper for the NFT/Traits and Tokens we're planning. Imagine flipping an ice cream truck and rewarding your character with some sweet sweet ice cream sandwiches that bring a spike of energy but slow you down over time. Strategy comes into play as you need to think about the enemy or challenge ahead and whether a pack of 4 burgers and fries as opposed to a chicken salad or vegan salad would be more effective in giving your player avatar the energy needed to battle the Shillarkis.

Weapon attaching and detatching setup

Charity Involvement

We're also thrilled to introduce a new feature where players can nominate a charitable organization to champion. This choice will directly influence the challenges their character faces and the quests set by the game based on the identified issues the chosen charity deals with. It's our way of promoting awareness and empathy, even within the world of gaming. We're also building mechanics to allow the charity champions to earn tokens on behalf of the charities for future rewards. Whether this involves time from volunteers, sweat equity to support infrastructure, digital token allocation or exposure through social channels. We are building a platform where gaming for good starts to take hold. Our ambition is to partner with strategic animal welfare organisations who are actively promoting advocacy for behaviour change in relation to animal habitat and rehabilitation.

Menu Concept in keeping with the Brand Identity


We're making strides in the development of Hangry Animals and we can't wait to share more with you. We believe that our game will not only provide hours of fun but also a platform for charitable support and awareness. Stay tuned for more updates on our progress!

We need your help

As you all know, this is a passion project that has outlasted a shitty bear market and circumstantial changes to project/market sentiment over the past two years. But we're still here and working our asses off to connect the dots, build a project of value and bring fun entertainment through gaming and stories to the web3 space. All we ask is for you to share our content on socials, like, retweet and comment, tag is into relevant accounts on Twitter and Instagram and support the movement. #LetsGetHangry

Don't forget we're also looking for #FanArtFriday submissions from our community and wider interests. Submissions will be subject to a vote and eligible to be entered into a draw for a CHET pass. Our theme for this month is Halloween themed Hangry Animal submissions... so get creative and let's see those pencil skills come to life. #HangryOut

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