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Simplio and Hangry Animals Team Up to Bring Gamified Storytelling to Web3

Web3 gaming for the masses. Seamless transactions of tokens and NFTs.

The partnership will bring Hangry Animals to the Simplio platform, giving Simplio users the ability to play the game, collect NFTs, and earn rewards in the form of AR experiences, Tokens and physical rewards. 

"We're excited to team up with Hangry Animals and bring their amazing experiences to the Simplio platform," said Jakub Korbel, CEO of Simplio. "Hangry Animals utilises technologies such as Augmented Reality, interactive comics & even an animated series to tell the story of their characters that our users will love.”

Hangry Yet?

Hangry Animals is a series of games exploring the battle between humans and the first species to inhabit Earth, The Shillarkis. In the game, humans are deemed expendable and a mass panic invasion has begun on Earth. It is up to the DNA-morphed Hangry Animals, who are recently affected animal/human hybrids to defend Earth and rally all life on earth to save our existence. You can play as Otis the giant purple hippo, Zebrina the sporty Zebra, Marvin the chilled Moose or Susanna the feist animal loving Gorilla with more characters to follow, earn native $TARBAL energy tokens and take on the mighty warriors from another world to become the Alpha Hangry and free the planet from pending doom.

Hangry Animals are expanding into a more diverse series of characters.

So if you're a fan of sci-fi, comedy, or just looking for a new and exciting game to play, be sure to check out Hangry Animals on the Simplio platform. You can learn more about the partnership and how to play the game at

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