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Our NFT Collection Reveal and Mint Opening: Embrace the Hangryness

Welcome to the Hangryverse.

Thank you!

Our community is abuzz with excitement as we proudly unveiled our highly anticipated NFT collection over the weekend. This isn't just another drop; it's a carefully curated set of unique pieces that embody creativity, passion, and the distinct backstory and lore of Hangry Animals we've come to be known for. Let's dive into the details of our monumental milestone and what it means for gamers, collectors and fans of our art alike.

NFT Genesis Collection Passes Reveal

First, let's talk about the reveal. Our NFT collection has been in the works for over 2 years... yes that long, with our micro team of creatives pouring their hearts and souls into every layer and trait. The result? An array of cool, funny digital assets that not only captures the eye but also tells a story. Each NFT in our collection is a testament to the creativity and story that defines our brand. From the intricate details of the clothing, the hangry grimacing faces to the vibrant colour palette, these pieces are designed to invoke a sense of joy and Hangryness – a unique blend of hunger and anger that fuels our creative spirit, always.

Minting for Good Causes

But as we all know the reveal is just the beginning. We've officially opened up the mint, allowing new members to join our community and own a piece of our genesis collection. Minting an NFT from our collection isn't just about acquiring digital art; it's about becoming part of a movement. It's about embracing the Hangryness that drives us and connecting with like-minded individuals who share our vision. But also, giving back. As we've mentioned numerous times, a proportion of our mint will be going to good causes we love and support, especially when they become partners in the near future.

The process to mint your very own NFT from our collection is simple and user-friendly. Head over to our website, connect your wallet, and select the number of NFT Passes you wish to mint. We're sure each piece will speak to your Hangryness big time! Once minted, you'll receive full ownership of the NFT, along with all the rights and benefits that come with it. As an early adopter, you'll also gain access to exclusive perks, including special events, limited-edition drops, alongside our built in minter royalties, yes if your the first to mint the asset and decide to part ways in the future, all good, we get it.. but in doing so, you will receive a built in royalty from that NFT.

The response to our NFT collection has been great and organic, just the way we like it. Collectors from around the globe have expressed their admiration and excitement for what we've built and are building in the near future, and we couldn't be more thrilled with the support. This collection represents a new chapter for us, one where digital art and community intersect in meaningful ways. We're excited to see how our NFTs will be showcased, staked, rented, customised, traded, and celebrated within the community (pheeeew utility much?). Marv is a particular favourite at the moment, with Otis' Hangry jib fast behind.

What is an NFT?

For those who are new to the world of NFTs, fear not. We offer comprehensive guides and support to help you navigate this exciting and ever evolving space. Yes the markets may be in turmoil on a daily basis and the sentiment around NFTs mixed, but what you are embracing is a membership to a project and community that are supportive, creative and willing us on to make great tings. Our goal is to make the minting process accessible and enjoyable for everyone, regardless of their level of expertise. Whether you're a seasoned collector or a curious newcomer, there's a place for you in our community. If you aren't sure about Wallets or terminology, Join our Discord and we'll guide you through. If you're minting directly via the contract? legend!

In addition to owning a unique piece of digital art, minting an NFT from our collection comes with a host of benefits. You'll gain entry to an exclusive community of creators and collectors, with opportunities for collaboration and networking and partnerships.. yes by owning an NFT we're opening to partner with you for community building, technologies that align with our vision and cross promotional art 1/1s giveaways with other projects.. Mint a Hangry, and raise a ticket in the Discord and we'll get the party started. You'll also have access to behind-the-scenes content, early announcements, and special $FOOD rewards that are reserved for our most dedicated supporters.

Community first

We're committed to maintaining transparency and trust within our community. That's why we've implemented robust security measures to ensure that your NFTs are protected. Each piece in our collection is authenticated and verified on the blockchain, providing a secure and immutable record of ownership. You can rest assured that your investment is safe with us. If you we're AirDropped your Hangrys, we got you. The AirDrop still triggers the Minter Royalty mechanism, so we're good.

As we look to the future, we're excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. Our NFT collection is just the beginning of a larger vision with Games, Comics, Animated Series and Vinyl Toys as well as ongoing innovation and expansion into new markets. We have big plans to introduce new collections, integrate cutting-edge technology, and create even more value for our community members over the coming years. The Hangryness that drives us is insatiable, and we're just getting started.

In conclusion, the reveal and drop of our NFT collection marks a significant milestone for our brand. We're incredibly proud of what we've created with all of you in our community and beyond, and can't wait to share it with the world. The opening of the mint offers a unique opportunity for new members to join us on this journey and experience the Hangryness first hand. So, what are you waiting for? Dive in, mint your NFT, and become part of something truly special.

What's next?

Well, were taking a short breather here to recover from an intense few weeks of digital and IRL shenanigans, but our focus is truly on delivering the goods with a solid playable game demo here.. so we're digging deep and bringing some very exciting updates from the team in the coming 2 weeks.

Aside from this monstrosity of a task, we're putting on our task list the following, in no particular order:

  • Staking Dapp & FOOD rewards Token

  • Renting Dapp for NFT Game Pass Rental

  • Hangry Customizer Dapp for Styling your Hangry with extra special trait items

  • Your own personal Hangry UI Dashboard for your collection with reward stats

  • Digital Comic reading Portal

  • Custom Trait Commission Dapp (Yes we wanna provide holders with as much personalisation options as is feasible)

  • Game Demo Portal with feedback

  • Customisable Merch Store (Put your assets on our branded merch for that extra flex)

  • Moooooore NFTs... (If you get the reference here.. you're an OG Hangry Member 😛)


Thank you for your support and enthusiasm. Together, we continue to push the boundaries of digital art & innovation and redefine what's possible. Welcome to the next chapter of our creative adventure. Welcome to the Hangryverse.

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