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Stitching (Random Walk Algorithm)

Stitching explores the painting of shapes from left to right across a blank canvas

This piece was created on a rainy evening in Venice Beach.

This piece uses a rate to draw items across the canvas. When the rate is higher, the piece appears more disparate as the draw speed is much faster.

This is a result of using a custom random walk algorithm.

  let yy = sin(noise(xx+xo*a)*29)*0.5+0.5;
  let d0 = noise(xx+xo*b+height)*2-1;
  let d1 = noise(xo+xx*b-height)*2-1;
  crss(xx+4, height * yy+2, d0*40, d1*40, "#000");
  crss(xx+4, height * yy+2, d0*40, d1*40, chosenPal[colori]);
  crss(xx+4, height * yy+4, d0*80, d1*80, "#fff");
  crss(xx, height * yy, d0*80, d1*80, chosenPal[colori]);
  xx += rate;

  if (xx >= width+80) {
    xx = -80; xo = 777;
    rate += 0.1;

The variation in these outputs can be seen below. The more disparate the sketch, the higher the initial draw rate.

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