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Hey Paragraph, it's me hellno the optimist

Hi, this is my first post on 👋🏼

This post will describe some basic goals and hold me accountable to actually publish things here. Please DM or publicly cast at me @hellno so I have some external pressure to keep this up :)

Input goals

  • 500 new words per day (that's a achievable goal, can always increase word count after getting into a write & publish rhythm)

  • 15mins editing of previous articles

Output goals

  • 2 posts per week + 1 post of links sharing/list type with articles, quotes I enjoyed

    • this is a higher frequency than I would want to, but I should get into a rhythm of publishing something → more shots on goal → more happiness

  • make a meme for each post as the most condensed summary to make it easy to share and potentially collect as NFT

Results outside of my control

  • getting constructive comments and starting interesting conversations


  • no need to mention my writing process or a habit streak besides this post

  • don't use AI to auto-complete writing

  • don't give up

What I'm optimistic about: creating a writing and publishing habit
What I'm scared of: giving up and getting hostile comments
What I look forward to: sparking conversations and connections

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