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herocast log #1

first update on herocast v0.1

what is herocast again?

herocast is a desktop and keyboard-first Farcaster client. It has support for multiple accounts and switching channels. cmd + k (command palette) to control everything. aka superhuman for Farcaster, no one knows what it means, but it's provocative. It's gets the people going!

You can navigate with j and k through all lists. Switch accounts with ctrl + number. Switch channels on Feed page with shift + number. Explore with cmd + k.

herocast is live at

Important changes

  • reconnect your Farcaster account, if you did connect before the Optimism mainnet migration last week. Old accounts are marked as pre-migration in herocast and will be removed at the end of the week.

  • new notification page is live, see below

  • need more fun: cmd + k → random → shows you a random channel 🥳

new notifications page


  • Search page

  • Improve Feed to thread to reply to Feed UX

How can you help?

  • Send feedback or feature ideas to, DM on Warpcast @hellno or telegram @HELLNO_HELLNO

  • Share this post or herocast with someone you think would find it useful

Updates v0.1

  • Add notifications with thread views and instant reply

  • add @ mention dropdown functionality

  • upgrade signer login after Farcaster OP migration

  • integrate neynar username search

  • in thread view: use j,k hotkeys to select cast

  • fix a ton of issues on login screen

  • Cmd+K → random → switch feed to a random channel

  • add reply to thread view and allow replying correctly

  • cast to channels

Send feedback or feature ideas to, DM on Warpcast @hellno or telegram @HELLNO_HELLNO.

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