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herocast log #3

custom channels ✅

what is herocast again?

herocast is a desktop Farcaster client for power users aka superhuman for Farcaster. No one knows what it means, but it's provocative. It's gets the people going!

It has support for multiple accounts and can switch channels faster than you can say 'Memes'. It has a command palette Cmd + K to control everything. You can navigate with J and K through all lists, L to like and R to recast. Switch channels with Shift + 1 to 9. Open external links in a cast with Shift + O.


Help build herocast

What's next?

  • Improve casting: better UX for replies and new casts

  • Channels v2: allow sharing custom channels with other herocast users. integrate with other non-Warpcast channels

Full changelog

  • links are clickable now (see screenshot above)

  • allow removing reactions (via L and R hotkeys)

  • improve onboarding, improve settings

  • improve RLS account management

  • fix feed width

  • fix feed mouse scroll not loading more casts

  • feed navigation: colors much smoother @df

  • allow removing accounts @WholesomeCrypto

Thanks to everyone that reached out for feedback or reported bugs 🙏🏼 Share with other Farcaster power users

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