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herocast log #4

refreshing reply ✅ lovable links ✅

what is herocast again?

herocast is a desktop Farcaster client for power users aka superhuman for Farcaster. No one knows what it means, but it's provocative. It's gets the people going!

It has support for multiple accounts and can switch channels faster than you can say 'Memes'. It has a command palette Cmd + K to control everything. You can navigate with J and K through all lists, L to like, R to reply and Shift + R to recast. Switch channels with Shift + 1 to 9. Open external links in a cast with Shift + O.


  • Refreshing replies: Press R in Feed to send a reply

  • Loveable links: Shift + O to see all links / embeds in cast and open quickly.

  • Customize and pin your own channels - now with drag and drop

  • Launched permissionless channels

    • Create a channel to any URL or onchain contract in hercoast. Share with anyone on herocast. Integrated with Hypeshot channels.

  • herocast received ~1 ETH in the first Warpcast Retroactive grant - thank you Dan and Varun

  • herocast landed in 7th place in Purple Funding Round 3

Help build herocast

  • Vote for herocast in Purple Prop 39 to get 0.5 ETH 🙏🏼 (thank you thechandresh.eth for proposing this)

  • What do you love about herocast? What do you hate? Send feedback and feature ideas on Warpcast @hellno or telegram @HELLNO_HELLNO

  • Collect this post to support the development ⬇️ (I'm testing a paid mint)

What's next?

  • Unify feed, threads and replies navigation everywhere

  • Improve working with the feed (for @ccarella.eth)

    • Show Warpcast and Twitter embeds inline

    • Show URL previews = fetch open graph images

Full changelog

  • Improve opening links in feed

    • Shift + O to open modal

  • improve casting

    • add modal to send reply from

    • press r to open modal to reply to thread

  • channels

    • make drag and droppable

    • adding permissionless channel, simple UI no polish, instant follow / pin

  • add favicon for @cameron

  • infra: add dynamic modal and use for replies and links

  • improve channel hotkeys @maurelian

Thanks to everyone that reached out for feedback or reported bugs 🙏🏼

Collect this post to support the development ⬇️ (I'm testing a paid mint)

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