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Introducing Power Search

Search, find, reply & engage. Faster.

We just shipped a feature that will 10x your growth on Farcaster.

Never miss an important conversation. Reply faster. Find opinion leaders.

Introducing: herocast power search

Watch it in action here:

Log into to use it today.

How to power search

  • set time frames – from one day to all time

  • filter casts by power badge holders and replies

  • save searches to create custom feeds


  • search for your brand e.g. Gnosis, Glo or Cartesi

  • search for your competitors

  • search for topics that matter to you like AI, credits cards, refi, indexing, etc.

You now have all of Farcaster at your fingertips.

News from management

Also, the Herocast Corporate Communications team launched a new magazine campaign with important information for you to enjoy 😉

We are building herocast for you to grow faster on Farcaster.

For feedback and questions reach out to us anytime.

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