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Launch Week 1: Early Support Program

Become an early supporter of herocast

Today, we are launching our Early Support Program.

herocast is Farcaster's #1 open source client. Our goal is to decentralize power on the internet, faster.

herocast is still in the kitten stage. Yet our code has already been forked by projects like nounspace and projects at ETH Berlin.

While we are busy developing as a product that helps professionals to get stuff done on Farcaster and on-chain we invite you to use our open source codebase to contribute to the mission with your personal flavour.

No matter whether you use the code, want early access to premium features or just love the mission, now is the time to become an early supporter.

Being an early supporter makes the development possible until we can introduce paid plans.

Also, your support sends a smoke signal to the community that we need an open source client for Farcaster.

Join the early support crew

There are many ways to join the mission.

To send on-chain support, mint your official Early Support Crew Collectible.

To double down, subscribe to herocast’s Hyper Club on Hypersub

If you have a logo, let us know and we will feature you on our Early Supporter Hall of Fame.

Last but not least you can support us by sharing this newsletter with your network.

Thank you for joining the crew!

Your herocasters,

hellno & biji

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