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Launch Week 1: Technical Partnerships

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herocast is open source because we believe it's the fastest way to

  1. decentralize power on the internet

  2. ship the best product for our users

Therefore, we are super excited to announce a new batch of integrations that will give our users more onchain superpowers directly from herocast.

Hats Protocol

We have integrated with Hats Protocol to enable onchain shared accounts. Other solutions to collaborate on a shared account are off-chain or can expose private keys. In contrast, Hats enables herocast users to share an account on-chain and securely.

While this integration was not the quick way to enable shared accounts, we believe the work pays off due to the security benefits. A big thank you to the Hats team for contributing with their solution. You can read more about this in their post here.


We all have been there. You want to buy something onchain but don't have the right tokens on the right chain. We have seen this issue can become a bottleneck, especially when users want to get started on Farcaster or buy warps.

We have integrated with Glide so you can pay for Farcaster accounts no matter on which chain your tokens are.

Farcaster bots

What is so special about Farcaster is that it's packed with superpowers from the Farcaster community.

Today, we announce integrations with Launchcaster, Bountycaster and Remindme. Now, you can launch their bots from herocast, faster than ever.

CMD + K → Launch this
CMD + K → Post new bounty
CMD + K → Remind me

On our Github you find a growing list of partners and tools that empower our users.

Feel your favourite tool is missing on this list?

herocast is open source, and you can integrate with herocast, too.

Reach out to me anytime if you want to learn how.

- hellno

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