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The Farcaster Power Badge Bible

The unofficial guide on how to get the Farcaster power badge, faster.

Everyone wants it. Few have it. The power badge on Farcaster/Warpcast.

The official guide says with the power badge you

  • rank higher in search results

  • can cast in channels that are restricted to badge holders

  • are more likely to be recommended as someone to follow

Without it you get less attention. Feeds hide your casts. Other users don’t know whether you are real. 

Welcome to the bot bucket. We all started here.

What now? 

If you are an individual user, just chill and enjoy Farcaster.

But if you are a pro with KPIs to grow your brand, it’s time to move into the fast lane.

50-150 high quality connections can be enough to get the badge.

Unfortunately, the official guide is not that helpful:

  • use Farcaster a few times a week 

  • post content that power users will reply to, recast or like often  

  • avoid posting content that power users consider spammy

Therefore, we are proud to present the unofficial guide. With hacks and strategies to get the power badge, faster.

1. Collect connections outside

The favourite hack from my time as a no-badger: Collect connections outside of Farcaster.

Casters love to connect IRL. During my first two weeks in the bot bucket I asked everyone I met at web3 events or in the office “are you on Farcaster?” Still some of my most joyful connections.

This works online, too. Add your link to your Twitter handle. Use it when you introduce yourself in TG groups. 

2. Search for your tribe

Your next step towards the power badge is finding your tribe in casts and channels. 

Brainstorm a list of topics that matter to your audience.

Then use the keywords in the search bar on Warpcast or herocast to surface relevant channels and casts. 

Follow hack: Found someone interesting? Go through their profile to see in which channels they are active. This technique will speed up your search for more awesome people. 

Channel hack: In herocast you can pin channels to your Feeds to engage with them faster.

3. Reply to your tribe

Don't worry about creating your own content as long as you don't have followers. Instead, focus on replying to your tribe’s casts to build relationships.

Need ideas which casts to reply to? Go back to step 2.

4. Ask questions

Creating the first batch of your content on Farcaster can be as simple as asking questions. 

Are you curious about something? Ask. Looking for advice? Ask. Looking for feedback? Ask.

5. But don’t ask for follows 

Asking for followers on Farcaster is not a great strategy due to several reasons. In fact, as a brand you don’t just want many followers. You want followers that take action. You want signal. The badge algorithm wants the same. There are users with 5k followers without a badge. 

6. Give feedback to builders

Farcaster is packed with builders, developers and founders. Be helpful to other builders by trying their products and giving feedback. Who knows, maybe this is the beginning of a new collab for your own product? 

7. Show up every day  

Here’s a challenge for you. Can you commit to showing up 15 minutes every day for the next 15 days? 

If you have set up your feeds nicely, hopping in and out of convos will be a walk in the park. Plus a little cast in one of your fav channels, aaand your are right on track.

8. Recycle content

You probably already have great content. Just not on Farcaster. Perfect. Recycle it. Turn it into individual casts or threads. If you share links, add context. 

Important: For optimal engagement, post in channels and not your own feed. Aim for smaller but more specific channels.

Hack: On days you can’t cast yourself, let herocast’s scheduling feature cast for you.

9. Start a channel

Hosting a channel other users want to cast in is a follower magnet. The key is to make it about them not you. Don’t forget to mention your channels in your profile.

10. Use Farcaster native tools

Use the Farcaster native tools that make the platform so great. Add @launchcaster to let your casts show up in a Product Hunt-like channel. Post a survey with @ponder. Or launch a bounty with @bountybot

If you implement these strategies you will celebrate power badge day in 2-4 weeks.

Know someone who is stuck in the bot bucket? Then share this article or reach out.

Because we are building herocast for you to farcast faster


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