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Who is on Farcaster?

How to find your audience on web3’s new playground. Faster.

“Who is on Farcaster?” 

If you have been asking yourself this question lately you are not alone. 

Farcaster, the decentralized social network, is crypto’s new playground.

It’s where web3 founders, builders, developers and degens meet every day to jam and learn. The network 20xed this year and keeps growing. No wonder everybody who grows an audience in web3 wants to join the party. 

Last week, I spoke with a dozen growth and community professionals at web3 brands about Farcaster. A few are already leaders on the network. But most of them are – just like me – pretty new to it or even completely unsure how to use it for their brands.

The ones that haven’t doubled down yet are blocked by the same question:

Is my audience on Farcaster? And, how do I find them?

In fact, in my last position at Cent, I faced exactly the same problem when I tried to find builders at the flimsy intersection of fashion and web3. 

Here are insights and tools that helped me figure it out.

100% crypto Twitter – but without the “annoying people”

Many crypto folks are leaving Twitter for Farcaster. Why? Because more and more of our friends are there. Among them: Vitalik. The big crypto brain drain even caught Elon Musk's attention. In an interview, Vitalik said the reason why he left was that he could have high quality conversations on Farcaster without “all the really annoying people'' that are spamming convos on Twitter.

It’s true. You might even encounter a very rare type of conversation on Farcaster: DMs! If you approach someone with an authentic ask, chances are high you will get a reply. 

With 70k DAUs and 1.2M daily casts in the last month, Farcaster is still niche. 

But if your job is web3-something, it’s the niche to be. No matter whether you are building a product, trying to find users, looking for feedback or searching for new team members. 

With its open social graph and innovations like Frames, Farcaster is attracting more web3 builders, artists, devs and degens every day.

These tips will help you find them. Faster.

Quick tip 1: Start with the big channels

Farcaster structures content in topic specific places called channels. When I was looking for feedback from the super niche web3-fashion-community I headed to the fashion channel. The big channels are a great place to start discovering your audience. Once you hit the big channels you can browse active users and discover other channels they are active in. Channel discovery is not that great on Warpcast yet. Use these Dune dashboards (link, link) to find the most trending channels for any topic.

Quick tip 2: Find casts via keyword searches 

Another way to engage users that are talking about the topics that matter to you is via keyword search. Let’s say you want to engage in conversations related to ReFi. A simple search will reveal the most recent content about it. 

Quick (pro) tip 3: Find profiles

The most advanced way to uncover more users relevant to you is by running a keyword search on profile descriptions. You can’t do this on Warpcast but you can edit this Dune query. It parses all profiles and unearths the profiles that contain your keywords.

I hope these tips will add some speed to what you are up to.

We are building herocast so that you can achieve your goals on Farcaster faster. Book a virtual with me anytime to exchange ideas on how to use Farcaster for your audience.

Are you a dev? Herocast is open source. Get in touch with hellno to learn how you can contribute.


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