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👋 Hey Silk fam

Calling all Web3 Hacktivists! We announced the Silk ETH Denver Hacker House, co-hosted with Ceramic, with incredible sponsors such as Next.ID, Private AI, CoopHive, Akash Network, and others. 

We are flying our residents from all over the world, decking them with the Silkiest swag and helping them build new applications to qualify for cash prizes and bounties ranging from $500 to $2000. Builders will be back around themes such as:

  • Zero-Knowledge Identity

  • Data Management 

  • Data Computation

  • Automated Governance

  • The Combined Arsenal - Zero-knowledge identity with Holonym, User Experience with Silk, Decentralized computing with Bacalhau Project, Secure Data Storage with Ceramic network and Ethereum Attestation Service. 

We’ll also be hosting talks from: 

Reclaim Protocol 


Lita Foundation

Threshold Network

Feeling excited? Join us! RSVP now

✦ Product Updates

  • We crossed 60,000 ZK SBTs minted on Holonym. It’s been an awesome ride, and we couldn’t have done it without you.

  • Check out our new v3 ZK SBT art, in the future we imagine all digital credentials will replace our

  • Holonym V3 is launching soon. In V3, the encryption key is private and derived internally within the Silk Wallet and is not derived via signatures. 

  • The team recently launched an iteration of the new website; your feedback is welcome. 

✦ Other Updates

  • Join our Co-founder Nanak Nihal on February 27th as he will be "Addressing Technical and Practical Barriers to Adoption of ZK Identity" - a key discussion on overcoming ZK adoption challenges.

  • Our Co-founder Nanak Nihal is also doing another ZK talk at the Silk Hacker House on Feb 28th 5-6 pm and again at the Delendum Hacker House at 3 pm on Feb 29th.

  • Metopia announced its new credential for all Holonym users, and it is open to all users who have minted Holonym Government ID NFT. This allows Holonym users build their onchain, upgradable credentials through a non-transferable star badge.

  • Silk is also now on Farcaster; you can give us a follow to stay updated for future news.

✦ Strategic Partnerships - Highlights

  • Holonym Foundation has partnered with Near Protocol, marking a significant integration of its smart contract with, a smart contract on NEAR focused on sybil resistance. This partnership allows users in the NEAR ecosystem to receive their SBTs (Soulbound Tokens) on NEAR. We published a detailed explainer here. 

  • Check out our new partnership with WaterDAO Forum to enhance user onboarding experience and increase security.

✦ Resources 

✦ About Silk

Silk is a fully embeddable wallet solution with trustless wallet recovery powered by ZK and MPC architecture for added security. Put simply, it is the simple UX wallet that's so easy your grandma can use.

Holonym is hiring 

Feel free to email your resume to

Join us today on our Discord Community and get involved with other community members!

That's a wrap for this week. Remember to stay smooth and silky!                                                                             

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