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Holonym Partners with NEAR for Sybil Resistance

Holonym is delighted to announce its partnership with NEAR Protocol, marking a significant integration of its smart contract with, a smart contract on NEAR focused on sybil resistance. This collaboration aims to enhance sybil resistance within a wide array of applications in the NEAR ecosystem, including public goods funding, airdrops, and access control all while preserving user privacy in the process.

What's Nada?, serving as an identity aggregator, leverages a variety of identity verification methods. The inclusion of Holonym’s credentials—SybilGovID and SybilPhone, into the ecosystem not only diversifies these methods but also ensures a more rigorous and seamless verification process for Real Humans.

Introduction to NEAR Protocol

NEAR Protocol is a carbon-neutral blockchain designed to offer high performance, security, and scalability. It utilizes a layer-one, sharded, proof-of-stake architecture to achieve its goals, focusing on both developer and user accessibility. NEAR aims to provide a blockchain solution that is easy to use for everyone involved, from application developers to end-users.

It introduces human-readable account names and a web-based wallet for ease of access, and also web2 like onboarding with FastAuth. Transactions on NEAR are fast and cost-effective, with the network maintaining a commitment to carbon neutrality. The protocol also strives to hide the complexities of blockchain for both users and developers through Account Aggregation and Chain Abstraction

For developers, NEAR offers a conducive environment for building applications, supporting popular programming languages like Rust and Javascript. Rust is a language we love at Holonym, and we expect to have many more tailored integrations within the ecosystem. - Identity aggregator on NEAR ecosystem is a smart contract based sybil resistance aggregator for the NEAR ecosystem. It can be used by users to collect stamps to prove humanness by achieving a threshold score on the contract, enabling access to public goods funding, rewards, among other benefits. presently powers PotLock for Public Goods Funding. Identity touch points are highly siloed and multi-dimensional, but an aggregator helps bring them under one hood, and scoring them based on stamps helps dApps choose the threshold score based on their requirement. In short, simplifies the verification process.

Holonym ZK Identity provider

Holonym is pushing the boundaries of ZK identity verification within the EVM ecosystem and now the NEAR ecosystem. Holonym will have both of its credentials SybilPhone and SybilGovtID for users to increase their human score. Accumulating both the scores will help users attain 27 points out of the possible 100 points, making it easier for real users to prove humanness by revealing minimal facts in a privacy preserving manner. The timing of the partnership is complemented by the launch of Holonym’s v3 that enables seamless and instant minting of proofs, poised for mass adoption. Applications in the NEAR ecosystem can verify unique users, without the need to store their personal data as an identity aggregator is well positioned to harden the boundaries for sybil defense in the NEAR ecosystem, while Holonym tags along as a stamp that offers rigorous sybil resistance with self-custody. 

Using Holonym with NEAR

  • Visit if you have an already-funded wallet you would like to use to pay fees on Aurora, Ethereum, Optimism, or Avalanche.. 

  • Visit if you do not already have a funded wallet on these chains or want to use the Silk wallet for other reasons.

  • Follow the steps to get  proof of a unique government ID or phone. 

  • When you prove, enter your NEAR account ID that you want the  uniqueness proof to be publicly linked to

Now you're done! have obtained the uniqueness proof for the NEAR SBT and can use it with sites like  to prove you are a unique person!

Head over to to become a verified human. 

Future ahead

The deployment of Holonym as a NEAR smart contract for identity verification, marks an important milestone, by aiming to become the hub for identity across the NEAR ecosystem. Dapps can now use Holonym for sybil resistant airdrops, anon KYC, one-person one-vote, faucet access, geo-gating, quadratic funding, token-gated forums, reputation badge, and more. 

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