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The DEGEN Ecosystem

All apps, dapps, and services within and enabled by DEGEN.



Degen Chain Explorer - Blockscout is a tool for inspecting and analyzing EVM based blockchains.


Degen Chain Bridge - Bridge ETH, $DEGEN or any other tokens to native $DEGEN on the Degen chain (official).

Relay - Relay is a cross-chain payments system that enables instant, low-cost bridging and cross-chain execution. - Allows users to instantly bridge to DEGEN L3 via Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, Base, Polygon, BSC, or Avalanche. Farcaster frames are also available.

LAYER 2 (Base)


Bracket.Game - POWER TO THE FANS Invest in Your Fanbase → Change the Game IRL.

Perl - Perl is a skill-based prediction game. Test your predictions skills and win $PERL for choosing correctly! Deposit $DEGEN, win $PERL, and cash out into $DEGEN.


TimeSwap - Timeswap AMM enables creation of fixed maturity lending & borrowing markets for any fungible token without dependency on external price feeds.

Astaria - Astaria is an oracle-less, intent-based, fixed-rate lending protocol supporting unlimited loan durations for any asset.

Teller - Teller enables time-based loans for 1-30 days, with any ERC20 or NFT as collateral & no margin call liquidations.

Brrito - Apps that go brr. Deposit to earn tokens (not points) while you sleep. Withdraw any time. Currently, zero fees.


SOCIAL - Purchase and trade Farcaster creator casts; supports ETH and DEGEN. - is a video app that lets you trade social media creators.

Warpcast - A sufficiently decentralized social network.

CREATIVE - (formerly Lenspost) Onchain content tooling + nocode frame studio for degens.


Coming soon...


Zora - Zora is a decentralized protocol where anyone can permissionlessly buy, sell, and create. You can accept minting fees in $DEGEN.

PAYMENTS - Payflow is on-chain social payments ecosystem for Farcaster, Lens, Ens, Xmtp, and other dApps.

LAYER 3 (Degen Chain)


Cielo Finance - Monitor activity on the top EVM chains and Solana with the Cielo web app + Telegram wallet tracker. DeFi, NFT, NFTFi and web3, curated just for you.


DexScreener - Realtime price charts and trading history on DEXes across Ethereum, Degen Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Harmony, Cronos, Arbitrum, Optimism and more.

DegenSwap - Introducing DegenSwap on Degen Chain! Featuring token swaps, staking, and more.

DYORSWAP - DyorSwap is a multi-chain aggregation Swap platform designed to provide users with the convenience of cross-chain transactions and asset exchanges.

Frogswap - FrogSwap is a yield farming ecosystem that builds on top of the solid foundations of Degen Chain. Earn $FROG through yield farming, staking, and more!

Mint Club - Create a custom bonding curve token/NFT on using your preferred ERC20, instantly tradable & monetizable.

SEND2.NAME - is a web3 app that allows you to send tokens to any supported web3 domain name, in this case *.degen domains/ usernames.

Safu Frog - Create verifiably safe, impossible-to-rug tokens for free.


Powerbald Forever - Daily lottery to win 100k+ $DEGEN, free tickets each and every day! Available via the website, as well as an interactive frame on Farcaster.

KiboTrade - Price prediction trading app. Choose between price UP and price DOWN pools and profit in just 45 seconds! Connect your wallet and start trading.

NFTs - is a launchpad and marketplace where NFTs are always liquid!

NFTs2Me - NFTs2Me is the most powerful and intuitive NFT creation tool, allowing you to launch your NFT project and build a new world on web3.

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