We need hugs.

At the moment of cuddling, it will glow in the dark like a firefly that appears at night.

In a lonely city, a hug can give you warmth.

Hugs are a luxury, but also easy to get!

No matter when and where, a smile and a hug can always touch and warm people's hearts.

When you hug, don't say or do anything, hug quietly, and you can experience what it feels like to truly become one with the person you love.

When you are embraced by failure, success may be waiting to kiss you.

Hugs are a silent language.

A hug is an exchange of affection.

Hug mom, we will enjoy family affection.

Embrace growth and harvest the connotation of life.

Embrace the dream, we will start a new life.

Embrace the sunshine, we will be happy.

Embracing spring, we will appreciate the beauty of the world.

Embracing is enjoying, embracing is creating, embracing is feeling.

With the theme of hugging, we show a girl being hugged in nature because the world needs warmth.

We made Hug into an NFT with a circulation of 2,222.

We will release it as soon as possible to let the world feel the magic that Hug can bring.

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