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FLR Chat - a web3 social network on Flare

a new kind of social network built on the Flare Network

Base Punk, an NFT project on Base, has just introduced its own Web3 Social Chat app, known as Base Punk Chat. This is unique because most NFT projects don't usually create their own web3 social apps. Instead, they often use Discord.

At Iggy Social, we think that each NFT project will eventually need to make its own web3 social app for its community. This move is important because it brings us closer to a more open and decentralized internet. In this kind of internet, users have full control over their data and digital identities.

Embracing Decentralization

Web3 Chats will pop up everywhere. Its a decentralized why on how users can socialize on chains, while still These domains are issued through the Punk Domains protocol, making your online identity truly your own. To ensure the security of your data, FLR Chat uses Orbis, a web3 social protocol, and stores your posts on the Ceramic Network.

Special Features to Explore

FLR Chat offers some cool features you won't find on traditional social platforms:

NFT Launchpad 🚀

If you're into NFTs, FLR Chat makes it easy for you to get involved. Their NFT Launchpad is easy to use, has dynamic pricing, and is always liquid so NFT holders can buy and sell their NFT anytime.

Friend Keys 🔥

Unlocking private chat rooms is now more exciting with Friend Keys. Holders of the domain and other key users can access exclusive chat rooms, fostering meaningful connections with other users in the Flare community.

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