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How did this NFT project launch its own social dApp?

Is this the new norm for NFT projects?

BasePunk, an NFT project on Base, has just launched its own social dapp, BasePunk Chat. This is unique because most NFT projects don't usually create their own web3 social apps.

At Iggy Social, we believe that every web3 project will eventually own a social dapp for its community. This is important because it takes us closer to a more open and decentralized social media. A place where users have complete control over their data and their digital identities. Something web2 social networks cannot provide.

How did they do it?

The team from BasePunk used a solution provided by Iggy Social, a Web3 social builder tool. We helped them set up the social dapp that fits the needs of their community.

To use BasePunk Chat each NFT holder received a free .basepunk domain (NFT). These domains are issued through the Punk Domains protocol, making online identity truly owned by the users. To ensure the security of user data, Base Punk uses Orbis, a web3 social protocol, and stores your posts on the Ceramic Network. Images are stored on IPFS.

Special features that are not possible in web2

Our social dapps are decentralized and offer some cool features you won't find on traditional social platforms. In addition to posting and commenting, users can also turn their posts into NFTs.

This is a unique way to show appreciation to the post's author. As an author, you receive a small fee (tip). As a post minter, you get an NFT that's stored on the blockchain and belongs to you forever (unless you decide to sell it 😉).

Users also collect Activity Points for each on-chain action they do on the chat. This system can help moderators to recognize and reward active users.

In the future BasePunk Chat will also have DeFi integrations like sending tokens, swapping, staking, etc., as well as an exciting NFT Launchpad with dynamic pricing where NFT holders can buy and sell their NFTs at any time. 🚀

Join BasePunk community here: ✨

Would you like to build a social dapp for your community?

Reach out to Tekr0x.eth from Iggy Social:

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