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NFT Launchpad where NFTs are always liquid

In the world of NFTs, our Launchpad will be making waves. Here's why creators and collectors should keep an eye on it:

Easy to Use: A Creator's Dream

NFT Launchpad is designed with simplicity in mind. It removes the technical barriers that can intimidate creators. Whether you're an artist or just getting started, this platform makes it easy to create your NFT collections.

Always Liquid: Trade with Ease

Unlike other NFT platforms, our launchpad features an integrated marketplace for each collection. This means you can buy or sell your NFTs directly within the collection's smart contract whenever you want. It's a hassle-free way to ensure your NFTs are always tradable.

Dynamic Pricing: Responding to Demand

NFT prices can be unpredictable, but our launchpad uses a smart pricing model that adjusts prices based on demand. When interest in a collection increases, so does the price. If interest wanes, prices adjust accordingly. This system aims to keep NFTs fairly priced.

Royalties: Fair Compensation for Creators

Creators deserve recognition for their work. Launchpad automatically allocates a 2% royalty from each transaction to the creator. This ensures creators receive ongoing support for their artistry.

In a nutshell, our launchpad simplifies NFT creation, offers a convenient marketplace, keeps prices responsive to demand, and rewards creators. It's a user-friendly and practical platform that benefits both creators and collectors in the NFT world.

You can try it out on SGB Chat now:

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