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We are in Gitcoin Grants Round 19! 🔥

Why is this so important to us?

Why are Gitcoin rounds important to us?

Donations have been our main funding source, allowing us to be fully dedicated to building open-source web3 social protocols.

Since the previous round, we’ve established a couple of new partnerships, one with the BasePunk NFT community and the other with the Based DAO, both on the Base blockchain. Each of them now have their own custom domain extension launched via the Punk Domains protocol.

We have also launched two Web3 Social platforms/apps built with Iggy. One for the BasePunk NFT community (for .basepunk username holders), and the other for the Flare community (.flr).

As a major feature in Iggy-based chat apps, we've developed an NFT launchpad that supports the launch of always-liquid NFTs. Each NFT collection comes with a built-in pool, allowing users to buy or sell their NFTs at any time they wish.

Another feature that we’ve added to Iggy-based chats are Activity Points, which help increase engagement through gamification.

If you want to support Punk Domains with a donation, follow these steps:

Create/refresh your Gitcoin Passport:
Donate to our grant:

Every little donation counts.

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