July, early Summer in Porto, 2024

Seven years ago, I started to write “tiny letters” dedicated to my friends and family who would appreciate updates of my life in Shanghai, China, a place where I relocated to and lived for five years.

After returning to Singapore, in the feverish urge to be in the thick of crypto, I ported my newsletter to Paragraph.xyz and started to have illusions of perhaps creating a separate universe of characters, emotions and landscapes that can only be unlocked within my world. And maybe people will want a piece of it…

Have you ever thought of building and creating something but you find yourself procrastinating? Or have you once tinkered with a project that you adore to bits, but have to put to a standstill because of other things going on in your life? Or do you feel uninspired, sluggish and somewhat apathetic towards life? Do you feel unwell even though you might have run through gazillions check-ups and nothing seems to be soothing your ailments?

If you are, perhaps you might enjoy this weekly letter.

I have that fear of not having something worthy to share. It resurfaces very often. But of late, I realise that I do have my own version of Doraemon’s magical pocket — a toolbox of resources and experiences that I can tap into.

I will build this in public in front of you, my friend.

And this is what “In-Between” is about - the transitions, the work-in-progress, the awareness, the passing through…

You will receive a weekly letter that is packed with musings about how slow is flow and on wealth, wellness and pleasure — coming from me, a recovering workaholic and an always-on dreamer — a 15-year old, IBS-afflicted advertising executive who always have had a penchant for making things happen and is now on a journey to heal thyself.

We will explore the following together :

  • Honing the art and science of learning - how can we improve our cognitive digestion in a world where we are constantly stimulated by too much information?

  • Reclaiming the wisdom and the power of your body and breath

  • Applying yoga beyond a physical practice, and particularly how it may possibly help you navigate and negotiate differences with people around you.

  • Learning more about Nature and its cadence and tapping into what Nature can do for us.

  • Creating for your Circle

Within these letters, you can sometimes unlock a part of them and find a little gift that is mostly alluring and sometimes even pleasurable.