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The atomic letter #15: in the spirit of experimentation

Migrating from tinyletters to, the Seekers & a web of tales

Dear Seeker,

Addressing the Reader in this way is the first change to this series of “In-Between” tiny letters.

You are a Seeker. We might not always be the closest friends, but your act of subscription means somehow you value our relationship and our mutual voice. You want to stay involved. And for that, I’m thankful. I hope I continue to offer something now that the chapter in China has come to a close — I don’t mean to sound trippy, but I hope that this newsletter will be learning, ad infinitum.

This is an ode to me experimenting with evergreen notes, linking my random thoughts, showcasing my and others’ poetry. It is going to unravel the ordinaries of the people from this side of the world — people of my ethnicity, people from Southeast Asia. Few of these musings will be be completely original, most will be stolen & remade. It will be a web of tales and lore that we will uncover and sink into together.


I thought to myself, what if I let my learning and world-building journey unfold itself as it happens? What if I stop keeping the narrative, thoughts, ideas to myself till they’re perfected... which most of the time, end up either unfinished or discarded? Often, I imagine the sense of satisfaction to culminate in a bombastic way, in some wild success and achievement so much so that I edit myself and hold myself back. I end up not doing the thing I love. What got me was a LinkedIn message from an old boss who wrote to me that he has been following my “growth” but hoped I have not been neglecting my own personal writing.

Hits home. Hard.

I bidded for a David Shrigley poster in a work charity auction a few days ago.

Another hard-hitting reminder.

I recently joined Uncommon and during my interview, I said I would like to mould my creative self.

So, today, I finally made the move to, which is a web3 publishing platform. Hopefully this act signals my intention of growing and experimenting and that you as a Seeker, gets to participate in this process, and will one day, taste the Drop of Randomness*.



*to be revealed

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