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A Wedding Announcement From Bankless Publishing

After Two Years of Courtship, Web3’s First Experiments in Decentralized Publishing Are Stirring Things Up

For as long as BanklessDAO has been in existence, two projects within the DAO, the Editorial and Publishing Arm and the Newsletter Team, have shipped hundreds of newsletters and articles to help the crypto curious find their way into and around web3. The Editorial and Publishing Arm adopted the Bankless Publishing brand last year, and we’re now proud to announce that the Newsletter Team project is merging with Bankless Publishing to create a unified identity for the next chapter of our history.

For more than two years, these DAO-incubated teams have focused on producing written content designed to inform, investigate, educate, and entertain audiences who want to learn more about going Bankless and the opportunities afforded by the technologies underpinning web3. We’ve been doing this work as separate but overlapping project teams, but have decided to merge both projects under the Bankless Publishing brand!

Bankless Publishing and the Newsletter Team projects are merging for a very simple reason: as these projects enter their third year, they have created deep refinements to the decentralized content curation and production model, and we believe it’s time to unify forces to create greater internal efficiencies as we mature into a self-sustaining project.

By shipping all of the content produced by these projects under one banner, we’ll be able to create consistent brand messaging, unify our audience, and consolidate shipping resources to set the foundation for the next phase of our growth. Operating as a single project under the Bankless Publishing brand, we’ll refine the shipping schedule to deliver daily web3 educational content, whether articles, newsletters, threads, or topical stories.

Apart from changes to branding and a more regular shipping schedule, you can expect to see Bankless Publishing become more active in this space, whether sponsoring industry events, hosting regular Twitter (X!) Spaces, or delivering timely updates as events unfold. We’ll continue to set the standard for the production of high-quality content through decentralized processes.

These initiatives are also intended to foster a sense of community among our readers, supporters, and contributors. With these goals in mind, we look forward to establishing a strong and united presence in the web3 publishing space, proudly carrying the flag of the Bankless Nation along with us.

— The Bankless Publishing Team 🏴

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