# 3 | Buzz is for Bees and they do not like Winters

Tech isn't laying off as much as they are laying in

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We all know what FAANG 🦷 is by now but do they have the teeth to adapt? Creative enterprises will emerge, from the ranks of tied-hands at Google now they must scramble to respond to ChatGPT. Amazon must tinker with NFT markets now that they dominate the physical goods supply chain. Meta (ahead of the curve) considers interoperability while building Nintendo Wii Avatars but with legs.

How does the macro atomize ⚛️ as these latest technologies empower the next generation of workforce, from platform to protocol?

A handful of companies make up a handful of monopolies. However, if their influence on the aggregate of tech is what is generally being reported, then the spirit and sentiment of tech is perhaps governed by a panoply of conformed luddism larping as planned obsolescence.

However, there are other possibilities. Just as there are many infinities, so be it there are many monopolies and with the automation democracy accelerating, the atomization of ascending powerful 'solopreneurs' manifests to the forefront.

Tech is a civilization of futuring: who owns or governs what, where do certain technologies burn out and fade away, some maintain, and others mold in syncopation with zeitgeist. The macros scramble to change enough to survives, the mesos maintain, the micros are powered by change itself. Each will lay into their strengths and avoid weaknesses. What has teeth in the end? Specifically, difficult to say. What will generally - that which most likely understands the ethic of persistence for all seasons.

Charmverse Spotlight

As Notion goes the route of AI (though to be fair my first query to their AI toolset was provided this for an answer //Perhaps will do follow-up on this as applicable product demo//)

Charmverse is a Notion-esque platform with Native Web3 services to attract said communities, with particular emphasis on DAOs and token-holding communities.

Several features include:

  • Kanban

  • Member Directory Org Management

  • Token-Gated Forum feature

  • Bounties via Crypto Payments

  • Forum Creation

  • Voting Proposal Boards

  • web3 integration with Dune Analytics and OpenSea

  • integration with Figma, Loom, Typeform, Airtable and more

This is a great experiment to transition my segments of showcase and build.
Click on this link and it will portal you to a Charmverse block I've created that will allow you to build an NFT-minting widget with the assistance with the tools of Filebase & web3Toolbox.


The Cold Start Problem: How to Start and Scale Network Effects by Andrew Chen

Deep Time of the Media by Siegfried Zielinski

The Song of the Cell by Siddhartha Mukherjee


Huddle01 is simply a solid, stable, simple version of Zoom and Google Meetups.
Simply create a room and invite people via link to your room. To add security and encryption, use your browser wallet to create NFT-gated entry. Create an account and have 100GB of storage resource to record and store your meetings. Stream on Twitch/YouTube/LivePeer.

  • No Legacy Social Media logins.

  • True Ownership of data.

  • Authentic control over meeting entry.

  • Generous storage availability for no/low-cost.

Bonus Features

Check out our own directory for web3 tools and services that highlight some of the best in the industry for communication, development, storage, NFT creation/deployment/management.



In the next issue we will Brave, the burgeoning enterprise alternative to Google Search and Browser that was the brainchild of the creator of Javascript. We will build a rentable NFT.
Explore web3 tools to re-orient the KPI world.

Thank you for reading. Have a great week!

- ♾️🕸️🕸️🕸️


Contact for information or potential advisement, instruction, or development reach out to us at info.infiniteteams@skiff.com visit us at infiniteteams.io or check out our web3 tools and services directory at graphenegulch.com!


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