Episode 10 with proxy is now here!! This is one of the most promising conversations I've had. Proxy is a big inspiration and driving force for builder energy on farcaster with open ventures, and is taking L3s to the next level with proxy swap. In this episode we talk about proxy’s backstory, his experience being anon, alpha drops, and fun insight on the future of proxy swap and L3, and finally we end with a fun rapid fire round!

Quick disclaimer: the audio in this episode isn't the best due to some technical issues, but we hope you still enjoy the great content!

There are some fun rumor drops in this episode :

  • Proxy to have cross chain tokens???

  • $PROXY ??

  • Proxy x FBI initiatives ???

My favorite soundbites from the episode:

  • "The onboarding is happening socially before it happens with tokens. And that's so promising in my mind."

  • "The West is underestimating the growth from communities like FBI"

Bunch of Folks got a shoutout, here are a few 

  • @gayatri

  • @kugusha

  • @jonnymach and @hypersub

  • @higher

  • @jihad

  • @pplplsr

  • @saxenasaheb

  • @martin

  • @samuelhuber

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