Super excited to drop this special episode with Jesse Pollak, founder of Base, on Farside!

We have a fun convo around his life growing up and building base. Jesse shares his backstory and how he got into Web3. He talks about growin up in Washington, DC, attending a Quaker school, and played competitive soccer. He didn't learn how to code until his senior year of high school. He dropped out of college to build his startup Clef, which he sold and joined Coinbase as a software engineer and eventually became a leader in scaling their consumer products. He then started Base within Coinbase, with the mission of creating an open financial system for the globe. We discuss how base is driving international expansion through grassroots efforts and collaboration with local builder communities like FBI in India and Builders Connect in Nigeria. They are focused on empowering local builders and providing resources to help them grow.

If your country doesn't have a base community, then start one! its super rewarding to do so and you will receive all the support you can get! Reach out to the base team to get a community set up in your country! Looking forward to seeing more countries on the base list!

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