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Hello All!

Ishika here Hope you beautiful people are doing well!

I am excited to start ramping up FARSIDE.FM!

The goal with FARSIDE.FM is to highlight based people from the farcaster ecosystem and share fun conversations about they are building, insights on farcaster, the superchain, and building in web3.

I will be dropping new episodes once a week through this newsletter along with some valuable insights and takeaways! Each episode will be uploaded to youtube to view at anytime, so feel free to subscribe! I will be also posting each episode when they release on my warpcast, and sending out each episode as a post on this newsletter. Each episode is open for collecting :)

The next episode will be dropping tomorrow! I have a bunch of exciting conversations lined up for you all, I'm excited for all the episodes coming soon If you have any suggestions on topics or would like to refer someone to come on the pod, would love to hear them! Feel free to message me!

In the meantime, for those who are new, I want to recap on the last few episodes I had:

EPISODE 1: FARCASTER HUBS AND NEYNAR | ft. @manan, @matthew, @tayyab, @ishika

In this episode, we dig into understanding what farcaster hubs are, what do they entail, how they are unique compared to current web2 social app infrastructure, what Neynar is building in relation to Farcaster hubs, etc

EPISODE 2: BALAJI'S TRIBAL LENS | ft. @adrienne, @tldr, @matthew, @tayyab, @ishika

In this episode, we dive deep and discuss our thoughts on the concept of the Tribal Lens advocated by Balaji Srinivasan. The Tribal Lens emphasizes why cognitive territories will gain increasingly more power than land-defined territories.

EPISODE 3: THE FUTURE OF ONCHAIN COMMUNITIES | ft. @matthew, @tayyab, @ishika

In this episode, we do a deep dive on online and on-chain communities: the shift from digital to IRL communities, Farcaster currently as a community, the future of the Farcaster community, and how on-chain communities should scale.


Matt and I delve into the evolving landscape of community interaction through the lens of IRL (In Real Life) and URL (Online) products. We sheds light on the gaps and opportunities in the market and what essential elements are missing from current community products.

EPISODE 5: FARCASTER BUILDERS INDIA | ft. @saxenasaheb, @ishika

On this episode, Saumya and I chat about the rise of the Indian builder tribe on Farcaster aka the FBI. We talk about the journey of the movement, where its headed, what Saumya is looking to build, and just how the past few weeks have been on farcaster.

Hope you guys enjoy these! Would love to hear your thoughts on them, feel free to comment. Catch you in the next episode !

Stay Based,

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