A Minimalist's Favorite Products Under $100

Yesterday I sent a tweet (from my computer) responding to Lambda School CEO Austen Allred's question, "What is your single favorite product that cost under $100?". I thought about my honest answer but ignored the part of the question which demanded I choose one. My response was well-received in the Twitter world so I figured I would share it here with links for those who are not a part of it. Here are my favorite products that I own which cost under $100:

$90 - Kindle (for reading)

$60 - Nutribullet (for nutrition)

$45 - Swell 25oz Water Bottle (for hydration)

$13 - Moleskine Classic Notebooks (for morning journal)

$11 - T&F Wood Clock (so I don't need phone next to bed)

In addition to the five items listed above, I would usually have my current pair of running shoes on this list but have not yet found a pair differentiated enough to recommend. I am due for a new pair soon so I am hopeful these will be the ones.

Lastly, my current podcast setup for Pod of Jake obviously is not something that would be useful for everyone but I do love it and it just barely makes the cut at $99 which is a great deal considering everything it includes as well as the overall quality.

One day I may monetize my podcast by offering sponsorships to companies whose products I genuinely love and recommend (I would never do this for others). Until then, I will recommend these few products for free because they have positively impacted my day-to-day and I think they may do the same for some of you.

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