How I Value My Podcast Guests' Time

I recorded a great episode of the podcast today. Here's a peak into how the sausage is made:

I schedule podcast recordings for 1 hour. Today was from 1:30-2:30pm. The guest was on time. We started recording after my brief preamble at 1:32. We finished recording at 2:29. I never go over without asking.

This episode will be 57 minutes and 30 seconds long. So 96% of the hour that the guest shared with me was a high leverage use of his time. This is a metric I aim to maximize. It's been that way since my very first episode.

As much as possible, I take all the time my guests are generous enough to share with me and I try to share that with you. That's why I do minimum necessary pre-conversation and no post-conversation. I go to great lengths not to waste my guests' time, and on the contrary, to make it as worthwhile as possible.

It starts well before the recording. My email invitation is brief and to the point. I don't ask them to do any prep. I don't ask for a pre-call. I don't ask for anything except that they show up for the hour, and if they're late, that's fine.

I'm just grateful for the time.

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