Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter ... and Spring

Having moved back to New York after living in San Francisco for a year and a half, I found that I gained an appreciation for the seasons. Generally, the California weather is great, but I would argue that, regardless of each season’s individual worth, it is the combination of the four and the transitions between each that give them value. Post- New Year’s winter is the only part I could probably do without. I think I’d like to spend those two or three months in LA some day.

On the subject of seasons, “Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter … and Spring” is a great movie that I recommend but only for people who seek films that are unpopular and unusual and give them a chance. You must be open to sub-titles at a minimum as this movie requires them. I will quote Roger Ebert rather than describing it to you myself:

“The South Korean film “Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter … and Spring” (2003) is Buddhist, but it is also universal. It takes place within and around a small house floating on a small raft on a small lake, and within that compass, it contains life, faith, growth, love, jealousy, hate, cruelty, mystery, redemption … and nature. Also a dog, a rooster, a cat, a bird, a snake, a turtle, a fish and a frog.”

Lastly, Ebert’s fully filterable “Great Movies” section on his website (linked below) is an outstanding tool for finding a great movie to watch. I typically sort by highest rated and filter for after 1990, though sometimes I go earlier.


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