The Dream of Life

I believe anything that can meaningfully change one's perspective on life in two minutes is worth its time in attention. The snippet of a speech that I am sharing with you today qualifies as that for me.

The first 75 seconds are interesting and the last 23 are credits. In between, there is a 2 minute segment that I find hard to forget. The speaker, Alan Watts, proposes a possibility I had never considered. He suggests that if we could dream any life we wanted to dream, and if we could do that over and over again, eventually, we would choose to dream the lives we are living. After dreaming lives of consistent pleasure and total pre-determination, we would choose to dream a life in which we did not have control. We would choose to dream a life of constant surprises.

I like this idea. It makes me question decisions I consider that might make my life more predictable. It makes me want to do things that are different and things that are new. It makes me want to be adventurous and always open to surprises.

This is the dream of life. Listen to Alan Watts explain it.

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