ABCs = Bonding Curve-based Assets

What if we call bonding curve-based assets ABCs?

What if we call bonding curve-based assets ABCs? 🔤

Hate em or love em, ABCs are here to stay. Some thoughts on their benefits, examples in the market today, and product ideas …

ABC benefits

  • Enable new types of assets: keys, songs, photos, creators

  • New ways for creators and their audiences to monetize 

  • Instant liquidity: Sellers do not have to wait for a buyer to liquidate

  • Easy pricing: Creators don’t have to set a price, unlike Substack, Patreon, Cameo

  • Auto price discovery: The curve allows for instant and dynamic price discovery

  • Scarcity through price: Introduce scarcity without the need to set quantity or time

  • Royalty alternative: Creators can get a cut of buy and sell transactions vs. circumventing royalty fees

ABC examples

ABC ideas 

  • Zora meets DocSend for ABCs

  • Mintfun-like leaderboard for ABCs

  • OpenSea-like marketplace for ABCs

  • ABC meets calendly for trading time 

  • Livestream behind-the-scenes ABCs 

First appeared on Farcaster.

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