Navigating the Crypto Idea Maze

Our journey and lessons learned navigating the crypto idea maze the past couple years.

Although I began my crypto journey in 2014, it wasn't until the beginning of 2022 that I truly began to navigate the crypto idea maze. I've now been working in crypto for for over two years. I took some time over the holiday break to reflect on our journey and the many lessons we've learned. I wanted to share an overview in case it's helpful to anyone. If you are working on any of these areas, feel free to reach out — I’m happy to share learnings.


Here are the crypto projects we launched and the lessons we learned.

  • — Send Valentine's Day NFT

    • A quick side project to learn

    • Onboarded 100s of YC alum to NFTs

    • Most users wanted to send them to people without wallets

  • (1)— Venmo for sending NFTs to phone/email 

    • Infrequent behavior

    • Lots of decent free and more convenient alternatives (Wallets, OpenSea)

    • Pain and frequency are not high enough to change behavior

  • (2) — Create and send NFT cards & gift cards

    • Infrequent behavior

    • The market is too small right now

    • Solution in search of a problem

  • (3) — B2B tools for creating and sending NFTs

    • Didn’t want to get into spam

    • Unclear who second b is in this market

    • Several decent tools in the market, none winning

  • (1) — Product Hunt for sharing and discovering crypto projects

    • Launched as a side project to solve own problem. Explored focusing on it and learned…

    • Product Hunt is awesome but wasn’t a big biz

    • Tough to see path for a niche of a niche to become a big biz

  • (2)— Steam + App Store Connect for crypto apps

    • Not enough apps and not enough with PMF

    • Apps in crypto are assets (I.e. ERC-20/721/1155, ABCs)

    • Although not a big thing, Launchcaster is a great public good that should exist 🤝

  • (1) — Studio + Kickstarter for consumer crypto apps

    • Us building each app takes too long, not enough for users to do

    • The Howey Test is a tricky one

    • Crypto apps are extremely ephemeral, ROI is a challenge

    • Many users just want to play the metagame

  • (2) — In-progress

    • Stay tuned 💪


Here are crypto app ideas we explored and prototyped but decided not to launch.

  • Allthing — Front page for every smart contract

    • Tested on Launchcaster

    • The content is not that interesting

    • Didn’t make sense for the future of smart contracts

  • Topic — Buy/Sell interest-based groups

    • Didn’t feel unique enough 

    • Difficult chicken and egg dilemma

    • Earnings are not meaningful enough for the average member

  • ABC Fun — Leaderboard + marketplace for bonding curve-based assets

    • Unclear path to PMF on assets/behavior that lack PMF

    • Heavy reliance on, which dominates ABC market

  • Basetune — BasePaint for music

    • Tested on Twitter

    • Collab audio canvas is less participatory and interesting as pixel image

    • Would be a great side project

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