Don’t Use L2s for Your NFT

If awareness and engagement are your goals, don't an L2 for your NFT.

I shared this with a builder yesterday. 

If awareness and engagement are your goals, don't an L2 for your NFT.

Here's why:

  1. Friction

  2. Distribution


It won't always be like this, but there's so much friction in Web3. L2s make this worse by requiring your users to add a network, switch networks and then bridge into the network token. Don't do this to your users unless your entire experience is on an L2 (i.e. game). And if you must use an L2, remove a step by covering the gas fees for your users, similar to what 100 Thieves did with their 2022 World Championship drop (750K polygon mints). 


When you mint an Ethereum NFT, others see it on...

  • Leaderboards: Warpcast, MintFun, Launchcaster

  • Marketplaces: OpenSea, Zora, Blur, Uniswap

  • Explorers: OnceUpon, Etherscan, Interface, Zapper

  • Wallets: Rainbow, Bitski, Zerion, Metamask

  • Hundreds of NFT apps like Frens, Daylight, Gallery

Right now, when you mint an NFT on an L2, no one sees it, and no one cares to see it. This could change overnight if Warpcast, MintFun, Coinbase other discovery apps and wallets adopt Optimism NFTs. I hope this changes soon, but until then, deploy on Ethereum if you want distribution. 


First appeared on Farcaster.

Thanks for the feedback @kyle @corbpage @cynthai

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