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Farcaster OG NFTs

A list of 50+ NFTs from the early days of Farcaster

Below is a list of 50+ Farcaster OG NFTs from early builders, Farcaster-native artists, commemorative mints, and the Farcaster team.

OG Farcaster Builder NFTs

NFTs from early Farcaster builders.

Chainsmokers is the first Farcaster-born PFP collection
cassie getting closer
@borodutch on Farcantasy owned and created by @borodutch
The first episode of GM Farcaster
Kiwi, named after a Farcaster-born meme, is hacker news for web3

OG Farcaster Artists

NFTs from Farcaster-native artists.


One of the first 0xen NFTs collected by ccarella.eth


Memes & Myths (Mint Open)


One of the first @bias works to show up on Farcaster


An experimental celebration of the farcaster community

OG Commemorative Mints

Commemorative NFTs from OG Farcaster community.

"Purple Dan Romero fighting and winning against the blue Twitter bird as a purple ambience comic book drawing" by @cameron
Proof of Merge is a fully on-chain, non-transferable, and dynamic NFT that will change throughout The Merge.
YOU were there for Farcaster's one hundred thousandth cast.

Official OG Farcaster Mints

NFTs from the Farcaster, Warpcaster, and the Merkle Manufactory team.

Farcasting by dwr.eth

Farcaster Versions

Farcaster Channel NFTs

Game 5 was the first experimental channel NFT

Other Farcaster NFTs

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