NFT Discoverability

The discoverability of NFTs is still so magical to me.

The discoverability of NFTs is still so magical to me.

Yesterday, I minted a Glass Pass. I can now see it in my wallet, on OnceUpon, OpenSea, Farcaster, and any dApp.

Hundreds of other users minted it, and now it's trending on NFT leaderboards like Farcaster, Launchcaster, and Mint.Fun, driving even more discoverability. Bots will start tweeting about it, people will share it in newsletters, and you will soon see a secondary market on Blur and OpenSea.

And it doesn't stop at launch. Discoverability continues long after mint through wallets, marketplaces, leaderboards, galleries, and WOM from the ability to own the digital object.

It kinda feels like seeing someone walk out of a store with a branded shopping bag. You know they were there, and they got something. But it's bigger than that. Everyone at every store and every mall sees you with the bag and discovers the store and the object you got.

NFTs are still so early. We're just scratching the surface of how these objects, when not locked in walled gardens, will impact the discovery of products, communities, and content.


First appeared on Farcaster.