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Skin in the Game

The concept of having skin in the game is more compelling to the average user than ownership.

In Web3, I prefer the concept of "skin in the game" over "ownership."

It's clearer and better communicates the value you get and the outcome of web3 rather than input (owning assets), and it's something most people want. It says what your life is like when you don't have it without having to explicitly say it — "You can't win."

I grew up both online and in rural America. Owning the networks I use makes so much sense because I grew up creating and consuming on the internet. But I know that if I tell any regular consumer from Cleveland, Detroit, Pittsburgh, or Indianapolis that they can "own the internet," they will look at me like this. If I ask them, "Do you want skin in the game?" on the platforms where they create value, I know they will respond — "Well, yeah."

Inspired by the /skininthegame channel on Farcaster.

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