Why Web3 Social Matters?

tl;dr It matters for builders

Yesterday, I caught up with a friend who drilled me with great questions on Web3 social….

Who does web3 social benefit? What's the problem statement for the average user? How does it scale beyond a crypto/web3 community?

I don’t think Web3 social will change much for the average user. They will read, view, watch, like, and comment as they've done for years. Web3 social matters most for those building on it. It matters for developers building apps and for creators creating content.

The next Spotify, Pinterest, Zynga, BuzzFeed, etc., can't get rugged by Facebook. The next Instagram won't lose access to displaying photos or finding friends on Twitter. With Web3 social, devs like Launchcaster, Discove, Eventcaster, Orb, Jam, and many others can build great apps with trust.

The next Ninja, Viya, Mr. Beast, Mom blogger, or political video creator can't get rugged by Youtube, Twitch, Instagram, or Tiktok because their content needs to be more engaging or they said the wrong thing. They will own their content, community, freedom of speech, and the ability to monetize however they want. The composability, interoperability, and openness of Web3 social will give their content greater distribution and allow them to port their social graph and digital items between apps. They can create great content with trust.

Web3 social matters for builders. I think the average user will follow them and what they create.

First appeared on Farcaster

Thanks @kyle @j4ck @cameron for jamming

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