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Censorship-Resistant Communities

Expanding on my writing on Indestructible Communities from May, a community can achieve censorship-resistance through the self-hosting of data. Just as the self-custody of assets became a core thesis of cryptocurrency due to exchanges collapsing, self-custody of social media is, in our opinion, the thesis of decentralized social. We're already seeing the beginnings of Discord and Reddit heavily monetizing their userbases, with no choice of exit presented for either a subreddit or discord server. Social media companies purposely design themselves to offer no means of exit when you disagree with their censorship guidelines or monetization strategies.

In addition to a community being self-hosted, a community can achieve greater decentralization when their data is frequently archived so that it can be forkable and re-deployable. This ensures more then one entity can host the community to prevent centralization.

We're exploring this censorship-resistant design space at BEBverse, and we'd love to get your input!

~ jcdenton.eth