How to grow Discord's revenue to billions with GPT-3's advice

A step-by-step guidebook using GPT-3

Curious to how ChatGPT performs with business advice, I asked GPT-3 the following question pertaining Discord's business:

Say you are the CEO of a chatroom product called Discord with almost 1000 employees. You need to get the company to break even revenue with it's 150 million daily active users. What would be the best path to do so?

GPT-3 offered the following strategies assuming their new role as the CEO:

  1. Introducing premium features or services that users can pay for, such as advanced moderation tools, custom emojis, or increased storage for uploaded files.

  2. Offering additional storage, bandwidth, or other resources to users who are willing to pay for them.

  3. Partnering with game developers and publishers to offer in-game items, such as exclusive skins or weapons, for purchase through Discord.

  4. Creating a marketplace where users can buy and sell virtual goods and services with one another, such as art, music, or custom-made emojis.

  5. Implementing advertising on the platform, targeting specific users based on their interests and demographics.

  6. Offering paid subscriptions to Discord Nitro, which includes features such as higher-quality voice and video, custom tags, and animated avatars.

Those are pretty helpful strategies, and incredible that GPT-3 has an idea of how to run a business. I wonder how many iterations of GPT we are away from an AI CEO 👀

We can clearly see Discord adopting some of these strategies with their aggressive role out of Nitro, with two tiers of plans.

Curious to understand what advertising would look like on Discord, I asked GPT-3 a follow-up, "How would advertising look like on the platform":

One possible approach would be to implement banner ads or sponsored channels that are clearly labeled and that do not interrupt the flow of conversation. These ads could be targeted to specific user groups or interests, and they could be placed in areas of the platform where they are likely to be seen by users without disrupting their experience.

Another option would be to allow advertisers to create sponsored emojis or custom status messages that users can use in their conversations. These ads would be clearly labeled as sponsored content, and they could be a fun and engaging way for users to interact with advertising on the platform.

What are your thoughts on Discord's monetization strategy? I'm personally not excited to see advertising on the platform, and it's disappointing they abandoned their native web3 vision, expecting their servers to rely on third party bots. We're building a self-hostable web3 social platform at BEBverse as an alternative.

Reply on Twitter or Farcaster on what you think!

~ jcdenton.eth
Founder, BEBverse

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