JediSwap Newsletter 10

Updates from JediSwap, StarkNet and an educational piece on web3

Welcome to the 10th edition of JediSwap's community-led newsletter!

Every two weeks, we compile the following:

  • updates from JediSwap

  • what's new in the StarkNet ecosystem

  • an educational content to help you learn more about Web3

Let's start!

Updates from JediSwap in the last two weeks

The last two weeks have been particularly exciting for JediSwap.

Indeed, two weeks after we celebrated the $100k TVL deposit, we are now at the double! Thank you for continuously helping JediSwap grow Padawans. This growth is just the beginning.

To add liquidity, head over to

But before, if you want to know more about what we offer, here is a 103s video presentation about everything you need to know about JediSwap.

The other big news is the integration of JediSwap into the Argent wallet! Thanks to this, you can now make swaps through JediSwap directly into your Argent wallet:

A great collaboration for both projects' users and for all of us as a community!

In terms of Media, we had the pleasure to organize a Twitter space with StarkWare as co-host to talk about:

  • The inception of the JediSwap community

  • Falling in love with StarkNet

  • The growth of the StarkNet ecosystem

  • The decentralization of StarkNet

ICYMI, here is the replay of this Twitter space.

Finally, we have published a new article on our blog, so you can learn more about why and how to become a JediSwap contributor.

What happened in the StarkNet ecosystem

The biggest ecosystem news of the last two weeks is the expected release of Cairo 1.0:

Developers can now write and test it! Two important things to note for dev:

  • "Feature parity with the older version of Cairo will be reached in the coming weeks"

  • "Support for StarkNet contracts will be added in the upcoming StarkNet Alpha version"

To increase the performance and decentralization of StarkNet, a new open-source full node has been deployed. Say, welcome to Papyrus!

Finally, StarkWare is preparing for the next edition of the StarkWare session, which will take place in early February from the 5th to the 6th at Tel-Aviv, the aim being to celebrate the StarkNet ecosystem and ETH as a whole.

If you want to know more about this event: head over here.

If you want to follow the speakers' list scheduled for this event: check out the thread published by StarkWare.

Regarding the broad ecosystem, the StarkNet network has just been added to the Cryptofees tracking website. Thanks to this listing, you can now compare StarkNet's fees to other rollups:

It is important to note that the performance is currently lower than many L2s, but many optimizations are planned for this year, allowing it to go ahead in the future.

In order for you to better understand the power of Account Abstraction, and therefore the power of StarkNet, Braavos published a very interesting thread explaining what a smart-contract wallet unlocks as possibilities:

We hope you enjoyed this issue, and we'll see you in 2 weeks for a new edition! Don't forget to subscribe to the newsletter. :)