JediSwap Newsletter 11

Updates from JediSwap, StarkNet and an educational piece on web3

Welcome to the 11th edition of JediSwap's community-led newsletter!

Every two weeks, we compile the following:

  • updates from JediSwap

  • what's new in the StarkNet ecosystem

  • an educational content to help you learn more about Web3

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Updates from JediSwap in the last two weeks

JediSwap treding at #3 on Gitcoin Grants

JediSwap has been chosen to be part of the Gitcoin OSS Alpha Round, and we are currently in the top 3 projects by donation amount and the number of contributors count.

JediSwap is a 100% community-driven project; there is no central team. Hence, participatory funding is vital for JediSwap's development. Your donations allow JediSwap to create public open-source tools and educational content about web3.

Here is the link to the JediSwap Gitcoin grant page.

If you want to donate and need help on how to do so, you can read it by clicking here.

We thank you in advance!

100% rise in trading volume and 35% growth in TVL

TVL on JediSwap continues to grow consistently, with a 35% increase in the last two weeks. On the other hand, the volume has risen by more than 100% in the last two weeks, allowing liquidity providers to earn some juicy APYs, with ETH-USDC LPs earning close to 40% APY. Stable pool USDC-USDT also saw a consistent APY of more than 20%.

Now you can track TVL, Volume, APY, and everything else on the freshly launched JediSwap analytics dashboard:

If you want to become a JediSwap liquidity provider, please go to

Partnerships and collaborations

We recently participated in a Twitter Space with our friends from Nostra where we talked about how both projects are pushing for innovation and how we can collaborate. Listen to the Twitter space, and check out the below link:

What happened in the StarkNet ecosystem

Decentralising StarkNet

After releasing a new open-source full node, StarkWare continues its quest for decentralization by announcing the development of a new open-source sequencer, allowing it to improve the performance and the decentralization of the StarkNet network!

StarkNet Events

If you want to know more about the StarkNet and the ETH ecosystem, remember that the StarkWare Session 2023 event takes place next week, from February 5th to 6th, in Tel Aviv! Here is the agenda of what to expect:

JediSwap core contributor Sachin will be at the event; if you want to talk ZK don't forget to say Hi to him ;)

Improving wallets

StarkWare announced that they would bring new updates for StarkNet wallets, which will have breaking changes to bring new features. Starkware recommended users to keep their wallets updated for the next few months. To do this, go to your Argent or Braavos wallet and click on the wallet update pop-up. If it does not appear when you open your wallet, it means that it is up to date. Please note that it is crucial to do this for all your sub-accounts.

StarkWare, in collaboration with Braavos, also published a fascinating article to understand the power of StarkNet and Account Abstraction through the 'Hardware Signer' Braavos' feature. Check it out here.


The strategy game, Influence announced their incentivized testnet, allowing you to test the game's features and earn project tokens simultaneously. Head over :

DeFi platform StarkDeFi opened their testnet to the public, allowing you to test their AMM:

Our friends at ZKX recently announced a community incentive program, allowing participants to win rewards such as NFTs and project tokens.

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