JediSwap Newsletter 14

Biweekly updates from JediSwap and StarkNet ecosystem

Welcome to the 14th edition of JediSwap's community-led newsletter!

Every two weeks, we compile the following:

  • updates from JediSwap

  • what's new in the StarkNet ecosystem

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Updates from JediSwap in the last two weeks

The adoption metrics for our AMM continue to grow. After reaching an all-time high of $500k last to last week, we have now surpassed $700k in TVL! That's an impressive increase of 40% in just two weeks!

The trade volume has also increased significantly, which has allowed us to offer some annual percentage rates for liquidity providers higher than even 100% on some pools. We are doing up to $4M in weekly trading volume.

To add liquidity or trade, head over to

Regarding media, StarkWare recently covered the origin story of JediSwap on their official "STARK-Struck" podcast. They invited grandmaster Rohit on the podcast to hear the story of JediSwap. In case you missed it, you can listen to the podcast just below ๐Ÿ‘‡

Check out our submission to get a grant from StarkWare from the early adopter committee at

Finally, if you wish to support JediSwap and our mission, please feel free to rate JediSwap on the new rating feature on Dappland at

What happened in the StarkNet ecosystem

The ecosystem has had a lot of exciting news in the last two weeks, especially from StarkWare!

Firstly, the first phase of Starknet governance has officially launched with the delegation of the Starknet Foundation and the first vote currently being cast. This is excellent news for the decentralization of the network!

Speaking of the foundation, it recently announced the five committees it is pursuing to improve Starknet and its ecosystem. These committees are:

  • Provisions Committee

  • Early Adopter Grants Committee

  • Developer Partnerships Committee

  • Governance Committee

  • Ecosystem Onboarding Committee

To learn more, read this article.

Secondly, StarkWare has announced support for Starknet dApps through early adopters grants. These grants will be given to projects that were already deployed on StarkNet based on some onchain and off-chain objective data. Naturally, JediSwap is one of the projects that will benefit from this support. Learn more about the early adopters' grant by visiting this link.

Finally, the news that all Cairo developers have been waiting for has arrived: the official launch of Cairo 1.0. Cairo 1.0 is already live on Testnet and will be live on the mainnet in a few weeks.

On the ecosystem level:

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